APN Change after Update on 2e phone

I got a notification on my Teracube 2e phone to update from 2e_06 to 2e_16. I authorized the update and it installed w/o a problem. Afterward I noticed that using data only was not working. After checking my APN (which is AT&T), I saw that the APN protocol was changed from IPV4 to IPV4/IPV6. I edited it back to IPV4 and all was working after that.

Googling IPV6, it looks like that applies to T-Mobile phones only.

Also, is there a place where I can find info on this 2e_16 iupdate?

Could you clarify what you mean by using data only? Is this a special use case?

More information on SW16 is here.

“Using data only” - what I mean by this is that I did not have a wifi connection and am using data from my phone plan to access the internet. :crazy_face:

:slight_smile:. That is strange though. Many 2e ATT users would have updated their phones already (including our own phones). This has not happened so far on our units nor reported by other users. Did you see an online reference on google for changing to pure IPv4?

I’m unclear what you mean by the first sentence? Am I late in getting an update to the phone - I thought the numbers 2e_06 to 2e_16 was a bit of a stretch for version numbers. :thinking:

I knew to change it to pure IPV4 because I did have a data usage problem when I first activated the phone and had to edit the APN then.

Apologies for the confusion. I was just wondering why the same issue has not affected other ATT users yet. You are not late to the update - we just released it on OTA. The gap in numbers is because of internal builds.

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