Apps not appearing on parent app

My daughter is loading apps on the phone and when she tries to use one it says its blocked and needs approval. The only problem is they are not showing up in the blocked list for me to Approve in the parent App. I have hit the refresh option multiple times.

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And then she was able to access one of the apps briefly without having been approved to do so…

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Hi @Jim_McKay - could you open the new apps once on the thrive phone? App installation alone does not make them appear in the Parent app - they need to be opened once as well.

If the apps still don’t show up, could you please do the following:

  1. Logout from the parent app (From main dashboard > Goto Profile > top 3-dots > Logout).
  2. Reboot your parent phone.
  3. Open parent app and login again.

If this does not show all the new apps, then there is some problem with the sync. You can do the following in this case:

  1. In the parent app, tap your child’s profile. You will see all Approved and Blocked apps.
  2. Tap top-right 3-dots and then tap “Manage”
  3. Tap top-right 3-dots and then tap “Delete”
  4. Once the child’s profile is deleted, please create it again and connect to your child’s phone using the QR code process
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Apologies - forgot to reply to this. Yes - some apps will appear to open briefly before the Thrive software blocks them. This is normal behavior.

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