AT&T Problems With New Teracube 1 Phone

Picked up a replacement phone yesterday and had to sent back the old phone due to a faulty screen. Now my new Teracube 1 phone won’t connect to my AT&T Carriers Network. Never had a problem before yesterday when it came to connecting to my carriers network. Does anyone know how long it takes to get a response back from their tech support? After the snow storm last week in Texas it can get dangerous not have access to a cell phone to receive or make phone calls to people.

This issue could be an AT&T issue as compared to the phone issue itself. We just realized that AT&T has an activation issue on all new phones and it could be what is happening in this case. Here is a discussion and related post - Message from AT&T About My Phone Not Compatible?

So at this point we may not have an immediate solution for you on AT&T. We are looking into this matter but might take some time.