Message from AT&T About My Phone Not Compatible?

We are already in the process of getting Teracube 2e certified for AT&T. Once that is complete, we will look into Teracube One as well.


Thanks so much

2e working with the vo icon on att. Now I just have to go buy a new usb cable. So lame.

Hi @Chris_Schafer - did you have an existing AT&T SIM or were you activating a new one?

Can others with AT&T confirm their experience?

It was an existing att sim and also a new one. As I switched my phone and added a line. both are 2e and both are working in Southern AZ

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From what I understand for the Teracube_One, as long as your SIM doesn’t move between the incompatible and compatible phones, they won’t lock your service.

If I were to move my SIM to something else and back, my account will be locked.

Since I’ve not moved our SIMs since we got the Teracube_One, we’re okay with service until the cut-off date.

My wife and I also have positively ancient Cricket SIMs, so who knows what that means in all of this.

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Sound like you should have been doing both phone certifications at the same time.

So will the Teracube 1 get certified with AT&T so that we can update the IMEI number with AT&T and get VoWiFi/VoLTE/HD Voice.

That’s the plan. Hopefully it happens soon for everyone :slight_smile:

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We will look into T1 certification after Teracube 2e gets certified. The process is stretched out and expensive - so we want to finish 1 phone first which was already underway.


Any news about certification? I’d like to keep the same phone and not have to buy a new one

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We have been working with AT&T for T1 as well. Its a slow process - waiting to hear back from them on the latest communication.


Following this topic. I also got this notification.

FWIW, my sim was moved from a certified device when I got my One and for several months I had the VoLTE icon and it appeared to be working that way during calls. Eventually AT&T must have figured out I’d moved the SIM to an uncertified phone though, and it stopped working with VoLTE. That was about 6 months ago. Not a super huge deal, but of course it’ll become one next year if they stick to this schedule.


Any update on certifying T1 for AT&T? My cell provider sent an e-mail saying the are turning off my phone in a few weeks due to 3G. If the T2e is certified why not just switch out the T1 phones for a T2e phone.

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Yeah AT&T said they were mailing me a new phone now, I’m wondering what the progress report on the Teracube 1 certification is now


I wish I could share some timelines on that. Its totally dependent on AT&T. However, we did make some progress last week.

@Tim_Hood @Gatlin_Newhouse - are you on Android 10 or Android 9? There is an issue with the APNs on Android 10 build because of which AT&T is giving 3G instead of LTE.


Android 10 but LTE is working for me

I’m on Android 9. Do I need to update to Android 10?