[Attention] AT&T And Cricket Wireless Teracube One Users

This is applicable only to Teracube One users. Teracube 2e users are not affected by this.

Update (July 29, 2021): Great news - we have an initial notification from AT&T that Teracube One will be approved on their network (including Cricket) by mid-next week (Aug 4-5). At that time, all you will have to do is put your SIM in a different phone and then bring it back.

We have a very important update for Teracube One owners that use Cricket Wireless or AT&T networks in the US. AT&T has said that they will be shutting down their 3G network in 1 year from now (Feb 2022) and they have stopped activating new phones which do not support their HD calling. As of now, Teracube One phones are working fine since they were activated before.

If you own a Teracube One please do not update or remove your SIM card .If you follow these rules your phone should continue to operate as normal while we follow up with AT&T. Read this community discussion for more details


That link doesn’t work. It goes to click dot mailerlite dot com and doesn’t resolve to anything but a blank screen.

Oops - thanks for pointing it out. Fixed. :relieved:

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I am switching from Cricket wireless to mint Mobile, and I have a Teracube one… Is it not recommend?

Mint mobile works great with both Teracube phones. :+1:

(side note: Mint mobile is based on TMobile)

Thank you for sharing this. I was planning to repair my Teracube One that I dropped, but since I have AT&T I will probably get the Teracube 2e instead.
There shouldn’t be any issues switching my SIM card over to Teracube 2e with AT&T correct? I just want to be certain before I purchase and remove my SIM card out of Teracube One.

Correct - there will not be an AT&T issue moving to Teracube 2e. However, do note that Teracube 2e is 30-40% slower than T1 and has a lower configuration. Here is a spec comparison with some benchmark numbers.


Thanks. I didn’t realize that about the 2e. I like the T1 version. If I were to switch my SIM to the repaired/replacement Teracube One would my AT&T service be affected currently and/or after Feb 2022? Which phone will work long-term with AT&T? I’m starting to wonder if I need to switch networks.

We have had one customer get a T1 replacement and was able to restore AT&T by calling them.

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I know it’s not easy to anticipate AT&T doing this when the og Teracube phone was coming out. I still can’t help but be a bit disappointed. I guess the biggest question for me is, if let’s say talks with AT&T go nowhere, and the t1 is not certified, after next February I’ll have to switch phones anyways? Where I’m at, I don’t have many carrier options that support the t1 other than AT&T. And so far I’ve loved the phone (about to do the Android 10 update).

Thank you for the transparency around this.

All just received this text from ATT, any thoughts on this?

AT&T FREE MSG: In Feb 2022, we’re shutting down our 3G network to make improvements to our network. We’re shipping you a new FREE cell phone to replace your device ending in 3220. All you need to do is activate the new device. You’ll find setup information in the box. If you don’t activate your new cell phone, we will automatically activate it in approximately 30 days. Once your new cell phone is activated, your current cell phone will only be able to call 911 and 611 until Feb 2022. If you need additional assistance, visit one of our stores or call us at 800.880.8581.

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Dang, they’re forcing ppl off early now? Terrible to hear

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Yeah - that does look expedited. Our conversations are still going on and the team has prepared a T1 beta SW image for testing with AT&T.


I just got the same message.

This sucks

Any update about the SW testing @Sharad ?

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They’ve disabled HD Voice/VoLTE on our account since my wife and I’s TeraCube_One units aren’t on the certified list, whereas my parent’s Moto G7 Supra are.

This is… not ideal. Both my father and my wife are hard-of-hearing, so I’m sort of counting on HD Voice/VoLTE for them to help with speech comprehension/word recognition on the phone.

Any word from ATT’s certification team?

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T1’s AT&T work is ongoing but is slow progress. We need to complete software changes on our end to comply with all their requirements and then they’ll test it. I’ll update you all in few weeks.


Hi All,

Great news - we have an initial notification from AT&T that Teracube One will be approved on their network (including Cricket) by mid-next week. At that time, all you will have to do is put your SIM in a different phone and then bring it back.


Do I need to put my SIM in a 5G phone and then bring it back?

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Is not working by itself already? Here are few things you can try:

  1. Move the SIM to any 4G/5G AT&T approved phone and bring back.

  2. If #1 is not possible, then shutdown the phone for 5 mins and restart it.

  3. Call AT&T to restore IMEI number - that might get it going.


I have a Teracube 1, from the Kickstarter. I have a few questions.

A) ATT sent me enough phones for my entire family, Samsung S9. Are these phones acceptable to use for moving the sim card back and forth?

B) my phone still shows 3g when calling my voicemail with wifi turned off, even after leaving the phone powered down for 10 minutes on 2 different occasions over the past 48 hours. Am I doing the correct thing, there? Is there anything else I need to do in that attempt? My phone has Android 9.

C) Could you give a better idea of what “restoring the IMEI number” entails? Being able to tell the att person something more than, “I don’t know, the person on the manufacturer’s forum said that” would be useful.

I’m going to talk to ATT today to find out if those Samsung phones are really free or if I’d have to pay to use them. One of my kids has a 2e, the other probably has a non upgradeable phone.

Does the 2e need to do anything to be 5g? I’m guessing not, since we didn’t get a replacement phone for that number.

Hoping to be answered today, so I can talk to ATT this afternoon.

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