[Attention] AT&T And Cricket Wireless Teracube One Users

This is applicable only to Teracube One users. Teracube 2e users are not affected by this.

We have a very important update for Teracube One owners that use Cricket Wireless or AT&T networks in the US. AT&T has said that they will be shutting down their 3G network in 1 year from now (Feb 2022) and they have stopped activating new phones which do not support their HD calling. As of now, Teracube One phones are working fine since they were activated before.

If you own a Teracube One please do not update or remove your SIM card .If you follow these rules your phone should continue to operate as normal while we follow up with AT&T. Read this community discussion for more details


That link doesn’t work. It goes to click dot mailerlite dot com and doesn’t resolve to anything but a blank screen.

Oops - thanks for pointing it out. Fixed. :relieved:

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I am switching from Cricket wireless to mint Mobile, and I have a Teracube one… Is it not recommend?

Mint mobile works great with both Teracube phones. :+1:

(side note: Mint mobile is based on TMobile)

Thank you for sharing this. I was planning to repair my Teracube One that I dropped, but since I have AT&T I will probably get the Teracube 2e instead.
There shouldn’t be any issues switching my SIM card over to Teracube 2e with AT&T correct? I just want to be certain before I purchase and remove my SIM card out of Teracube One.

Correct - there will not be an AT&T issue moving to Teracube 2e. However, do note that Teracube 2e is 30-40% slower than T1 and has a lower configuration. Here is a spec comparison with some benchmark numbers.


Thanks. I didn’t realize that about the 2e. I like the T1 version. If I were to switch my SIM to the repaired/replacement Teracube One would my AT&T service be affected currently and/or after Feb 2022? Which phone will work long-term with AT&T? I’m starting to wonder if I need to switch networks.

We have had one customer get a T1 replacement and was able to restore AT&T by calling them.

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