Battery charge limit post Android 11 update

Before the update, I had managed to set my battery to stop charging at 70%. Since the update, it now goes back to charging to 100%. I tried finding whatever setting it was that managed this assuming it was a built in option, but googling it just shows various rooting apps to do it.

My memory can be bad at times, but I don’t recall setting this up via an app; I’m fairly certain it was a built in option somewhere, especially since looking through my app list doesn’t show any obvious battery management apps.

I have the T2e 2022 batch, so maybe it’s different on your phone. The charging limit on my phone is in Settings → Battery → Battery charging limit, and Charging limit value.

Oh here we go, I googled specific to the teracube and found this post which must have been what I found at the time Battery settings and functions

Here’s an image of what my battery settings look like now, so something is missing

Oh this is a Tera 2 for the record

Yes - the charge limit feature has not been added to Android 11 for 1st batch. We will bring it in soon.

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