Battery settings and functions

Battery wear is increased and the battery’s lifespan is shortened by repeatedly charging it too close to 100% and by depleting the charge too close to 0%. The Battery settings include functions designed to enable the user to extend the life of the 2e’s battery by avoiding both overcharging and over-depleting the battery.

The Battery settings have a Charging Limit switch and a Charging-Limit Value setting which enables the Battery functions to automatically stop charging at a charge level chosen by the user. The recommended limit value is 70% or 80%, which will dramatically extend battery life. This enables the user to leave the charger plugged in continuously if desired, without ever overcharging the battery. When the charger is plugged in and the phone is not powered off, and the battery has reached this limit value, the battery charge will be held at the limit value and the phone will be effectively running on the charger.

Also in the Battery settings is a Battery Saver function. When “on” it reduces the apps’ power usage and thus discharges the battery more slowly. It can be turned on permanently with the Turn on Now switch, or it can be turned on automatically with the Set a schedule setting. This Set a schedule setting enables the user to set a lower limit for the battery charge level. When the battery is discharged down below this level the Battery Saver function will turn on automatically, if not already turned on permanently. Also, when the battery declines below the Set a schedule setting, the notification LED will begin blinking to warn the user that it is time to start charging the battery. By setting this Set a schedule level to 20% or 30%, or even higher, the user can more easily avoid discharging the battery to too low a level.

The Battery Saver function has an additional switch, Turn off when fully charged. If this function is switched on, it will limit the “fully charged” value to 90%. This is another way to avoid overcharging the battery.


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