Battery consumption on 11.0.4 (Zirconia)

Thanks for the performance boost!
And 60 FPS video!

Now… the usage is going through the roof. See screenshot below.
Active (Actief): by having 1 app open (not really doing anything in it), over 1 A. That means, 4 hours or less battery life using your smartphone.
(Before it was like 300 to 600 ish)
Standby: 28mA is normal.

Battery saving doesn’t help…

Could you put a real battery saving mode into the mix? (Lower overall power, 50 hertz mode for youtube so you get 30/25 fps vids… or 30 hertz… or sometjing like Duraspeed for power per app)
Will you be improving efficiency in future updates?

Thanks for reading and thanks for delivering such a basic and pleasant device.

Hi @curiousAndreas - that is strange. Lets try few things:

  1. Reboot your phone.
  2. I see that your screenshot shows usage for only 13m. Can you check the usage over a few days and share the average usage screenshot after that.
  3. If the usage is still bad after 1-2 days, then try a soft reset.

Hello @Sharad,

I will be checking it regularly.

I did the soft reset and now maybe it seems a better…

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It does work a lot better after the soft reset.
And yes, the performance boost did have an impact on battery life.

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