Battery drain after recent update

There are 2 ways to go back to Android 10: either use the automated installer or SP Flash.

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@Cedro @Lastbat did this work for either of you?

I have been having the same problem, barely charging (maximum ~50% after all-night charge, and then drains very quickly). I even bought a new battery and have the same problem.

My battery drained completely last night. I have been trying to charge it for the last 12 hours with various cables and charging blocks, but it is showing no sign of charging up.

My previous Teracube 2e handset had similar issues and it was replaced under warranty a couple of months ago. While I’m happy that the warranty is good, it’s not exactly conducive to being able to use my phone.

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Welcome, and sorry for the trouble.

Have you attempted a firmware update to the latest/current stable release, and then a factory reset to see if the behavior persists?

So I just did the factory reset yesterday, and if anything it’s worse now. Have been charging for an hour and the battery hasn’t moved past 2%.

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It can take some time for the CPU usage to calm down after a reset and restore from backup as app updates are fetched, databases are populated and maintained, etc.

Can you please monitor over the next day or so?

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So I was monitoring, and battery still charges very slowly.
Also, the battery died completely last night and now will not charge with any cable.

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Both batteries, correct? Is it completely unresponsive to holding the power button?

Can you tell me the rating of your charger? It will be in watts, or you can tell me the voltage and amperage.

Yes, both.
It doesn’t respond to holding the power button; and I’ve been trying to charge for eight hours.
Ouput 5.0V, 2.4A, 12.0W max

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How should I proceed; assuming this needs to be sent off for warranty repair?

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If it’s completely unresponsive, no lights, nothing, yes, you’ve done all you can, and it needs replaced.

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Hey all,

I don’t know exactly when this started but I’ve been finding that my battery is either just not holding the charge it used to, or there’s something draining the battery right quick.

I already have a minimum of apps using GPS and only when I’m actively using the app; other apps or widgets are limited to guesstimating location with wi-fi (if it’s on) or cell-towers. I bought my Teracube 2e back in January 2021, so the battery is a little more than three years old and I’m ready to buy a new one if need be (and if it’ll be shipped to Australia - I have a vague memory of issues with that in the past).

The phone is switching itself off at 30-40% battery and I’m pretty deliberate at exiting out of apps and removing them from being active. (What else can I do short of restarting it every time I’m finished using it,?) It might take 2-3 hours to recharge fully but I’m at a point now where I no longer trust how much battery it says it has.

It’s a Teracube 2e - hardware version mt6762
Running Android 11
Security update 5 Oct 2021
Google Play system update 1 Feb 2024
Teracube build # 11.0.4+75s3294.user

Do I need to simply replace the battery? Is the stock battery that came with the handset due to kick the bucket around now? Can anyone recommend a better battery management app, or something that’s particularly good at stopping rogue apps from using services without being authorised? Should I be updating to a different version of Android, will that sort this out?

Thoughts very much welcomed!

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I really like AccuBattery Pro, especially for estimating health.

There arent any apps that can supervise and end tasks unless you root the device. Not woethwhile, IMO.

If it randomly shuts off, that is typical of a failing battery. Voltage starts to drop precipitiously at a certain point and it goes low enough the phone browns out and crashes, or just shuts off.