[Teracube 2e] Instructions to Install Factory Software and to Reset

Caution: This will factory reset your phone and wipe data. Please backup before proceeding

The following steps will allow users to install factory software on Teracube 2e.

This is an easier and more automated process as compared to the manual SP Flash process.


  1. Windows 10 computer (recommended). Windows 11 may work as well.
  2. Teracube 2e phone (will not work on other phones).


Install Drivers (if you have never run SP Flash before)

  1. Download and install these drivers (link).
  2. Reboot your computer

Flashing instructions

  1. Download this package.

  2. Unzip the package

  3. Double click the “InstallT2eFW.bat” file to run it.

  4. Power off the phone

  5. Connect the phone when the software asks you to.

  6. Do not unplug. Wait few minutes till process completes.

  7. Once finished, power on the phone.

Note: Make sure the phone is powered off while plugging in at step 7

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