Battery issues

I barely use my TeraCube phone, it mostly sits on my desk until I need to text someone or something (which I barely do) I still use my LGV20 for most of my everyday uses like scrolling various apps & my camera & music. My TeraCube has been lasting around 2 days before I need to charge it. It was almost fully charged when I went to bed last night and when I woke up this morning it was at 14% from just laying on the floor next to my bed all night. I checked the battery settings and it’s on battery saver and shows I only used my message app for 16 minutes & my screen was only on for 29 since my last charge, but it still drained almost all of my battery.

Could you try the following :

I’ve cleared the cache a couple times, it’s not helped. It’s at the point where I’ve had to charge it 2 times in a day if I want it to live through the night.

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I’m also recently experiencing my teracube phone getting extremely hot very quickly, especially if I’ve put it in my pocket. Like I touched a curling iron or stove burner hot. I literally just tucked it in my pocket and laid down to nurse my baby and it got so hot in my pocket after just a couple minutes I could feel it burning me. Its at the bottom edge near the charge port. Circled in red.

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I’m not sure if we checked this before - do you have the SW6 software update installed? And have you tried factory reset?

If you already have SW6 update and factory reset is not helping then it is best we do a warranty replacement for your phone (could be a faulty battery). Please email with your order/backer details as well as a link to this topic.

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