Bell Canada issue with SW16

I see the same issue as #1, but I’m with Bell (Canada) - I see the “Emergency calls only” message, but my SIM is not locked…

Was it working prior to SW16? Did a reboot help?

Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, it was working prior to the upgrade and a reboot did not resolve it. I also tried removing and replacing the SIM card as well - no luck.

Few things to try:

  1. Can you try the SIM card in the 2nd slot?
  2. Maybe you need to enter Bell’s APN again. Can you check the APN settings under Networks & Internet > Mobile network

Hi Sharad,

Moving the card to the other slot unfortunately didn’t help (I also rebooted afterwards to be sure). I compared the APN settings with my wife’s 2e (who is also with Bell and hasn’t upgraded yet) and they match.

Hi @Jay_Greig - any update on this? If still not working, could you try your wife’s SIM card in your phone just to eliminate SIM card issues.