Best 3rd party ROM for 2022-shipped (serial 2021xxxx) 2e?

Hey everyone,

I recently got a 2022-series 2e from the Marketplace. I’ve unlocked the bootloader and am looking to install a 3rd party ROM. Here are the options I’ve found so far: - LineageOS 19 unofficial from August 2022 LineageOS 18 unofficial from February 2022 - iodé from Releases · vincentvidal/iode_ota · GitHub but installed via a bunch of fastboot commands e Foundation’s product which I don’t really know much about EDIT: This was an obsolete Paranoid Android ROM but I’m replacing it with this as they would be a better source for AOSP hints, plus the ROM itself might be an option, too.

My goal is having a degoogled phone; I’ve got LineageOS + microg unofficial on a DirtySanta’d LG V20 and don’t mind putting in work to make things work. iodé seems the most appealing as they do a lot of customizations that I would do myself, but I’m somewhat leery of them losing steam and having to reformat a few years down the line to install the next most-supported OS EDIT: Spoilered this as this is a problem with every ROM, so ignore it. What do you all recommend? If you’re not on stock, what are you using? Links to other ROMs would be appreciated.

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I might be biased a bit, but I’m rather fond of’s /e/OS. Based upon Lineage with some nice extras and the 2e is an official first-party device for it.

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Thanks! I’ve looked further into e/OS and will give it a shot this weekend.

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I’m on my way to actually set up a CI so we could schedule out regular updates to Lineage; both zirconia and emerald variants work absolutely great. Most probably the newer builds will have OTA updates, and also a few MTK enhancements, so I’d request you to wait for a while. We might also move to official now :wink:


Been using e/os since October, no major issues on the terracube 2e. There is always a better OS out there.
The only OS That I have ever trusted was the BB/OS that phone company went belly-up a few years ago after changing to Android.

That is absolutely huge stuff!

Congratulations, and I’m really looking forward to seeing and testing all your hard work :sunglasses:

Awesome! Great to hear.

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