[Beta] Android 10 for Teracube One

Update: New Beta is here [Beta 1.2] Android 10 for Teracube One


SMS/MMS/RCS does not appear to be working properly at the moment after upgrade from Android 9 to Android 10. A full-device reset on Android 10 is required for SMS/MMS/RCS functionality to be restored.


  • That new Teracube flash/update/pre-boot animation is slick!
  • Interesting that it asks me to customize my Pixel in the Settings panel. This also seems to not be dismissable. (Does not appear after factory reset)
  • Dark theme!!!
  • About a 6% improvement in device performance as measured by PassMark, likely thanks to Android 10 updates, and maybe that shiny new kernel we have!
  • Android 10 Documents/File Manager is hidden from the apps list by a manifest setting. This might be nice to have turned On, so people will not have to search for a File Manager, and they can always hide/disable it if they wish later.
  • Flashlight toggle seems to have been removed from the Power button menu. Noooo! This is very nice UX to have it there.
  • Unlike our Android 9.x images, I no longer lose my Device Accessibility Administrator apps after each reboot. They now properly stay toggled across reboots! (Very, very nice)
  • Wireless Display is still off by default, Can this default to enabled so we can more easily find/use Miracast devices for first-time users? Unlike the Android 9.x ROM, it actually stays toggled on across reboots now!
  • As a UX/branding thing, I think having the Device Default Accent Color set to Green would match the TeraCube branding better than Google Blue.
  • Status LED is Green while charging instead of Red.
  • Proximity Sensor broken during calls. Screen turns off and can not be turned back on.
  • Android 10 has in-built Visual Voicemail in the Google Phone App!
  • Day three of usage and still no Battery Usage reporting… Odd
  • Battery life does seem to run down a bit quicker than expected in standby.
  • Cellular signal strength graph has changed how it scales reported values, or signal strength has dropped drastically.
  • 10% improvement in WiFi performance across both bands to the same router with high availability of historical test data

Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah - that is due to Google apps package that we have. Working on it.

Will get them back.


Besides being my favorite color, TeraCube green would make it stand out. Good idea!


Scene modes are only found through settings - is this app work in progress or final app? I really miss being able to turn off my shutter sounds. I have always been annoyed by them on any device, including cameras. I know I can mute sounds by adjusting volume, DND, etc., but that is something I’ll likely never remember :laughing:


Unable to receive any SMS, can send through a 3rd party (signal).
During calls, screen is locked and only returns to lockscreen after call is ended by the other party.

Thanks for reporting these issues. SMS is an urgent one - hence we have suspended the Beta upgrade for now.

You can fix the SMS issue by doing a factory reset/restore while you are on the Beta1. Or you can go back to A9 using SP Flash.


Once you’ve updated to Beta 1, can you run the .zip file again? I inadvertently uninstalled the Wireless Emergency Alerts app, and I can’t download it from the Google Play store. Tornado season is coming!

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I did not know that in A10 you can change the color of the Default Accent. It is buried under Theming in the Developer Options. Now, if only we add Teracube Green as a choice… Even if not, this little find makes me very happy :slight_smile:

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It might work - we haven’t tried it ourselves.

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I’m surprised even the shortest list of tests would not have caught breakdown of SMS. Is the SMS only broken for GSM or, even more specific, T-mobile?

I can confirm I’m on T-mobile and this update broke my SMS.

Thank you for the security update though.

New Beta build is at [Beta 1.2] Android 10 for Teracube One

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