[Beta 1.2] Android 10 for Teracube One

Hi All,

(Re-)Releasing Beta Android 10 for Teracube One. It can now be updated directly from Android 9 without unlocking the bootloader or requiring a PC. Note that the build is signed by our keys but is not certified by Google yet.

** Warning **

  1. Please backup your data before proceeding.
  2. Not for the faint hearted. This is Beta software. If something goes wrong, you might lose your data and might have to re-flash Android 9 using SP Flash software.
  3. Few apps might not be available in the App store like Netflix, Disney+ (this is due to the build not yet certified by Google). Install such apps before upgrading to Android 10.


  1. March 2021 Security updates
  2. Android 10
  3. SMS and other fixes from Beta 1.


  1. Download the upgrade zip file directly on the phone (or transfer the zip to the phone).
  2. Goto Settings > System > About phone > Wireless Update
  3. Click top-right 3 dots > Local updates
  4. Tap “Internal storage” and browse to Downloads or wherever you transferred/downloaded the update zip file.
    Note 1 : If Internal storage does not show anything, then reboot the phone.
    Note 2 : Do not download the update to SD card.
  5. Select the file and continue the update process.
  6. Phone will power off and restart by itself. Don’t press power button.

Let us know how it went and post your questions/feedback here.


I did notice that at one point after updating my phone said “No service” and to fix the problem I had to remove my SIM card and restart my phone, but other than that I haven’t noticed any issues so far! Are you planning on keeping the current icon for the camera app though? It doesn’t seem to match very well with the rest of the icons on my phone, especially since it ends up just being a square icon with a circle around it


We are not sold on that icon/app yet - will relay your feedback :slight_smile:.

Also had the “no service” problem

“Files” and “calculator” apps missing

Seems to run everything else perfectly, ty

Has 1 or 2 reboots fixed your wireless service? Dev team is looking into this issue.

“no service” on data/sim. Wireless has been fine (still has this periodic issue where IP isn’t assigned after leaving wifi area and coming back but that may be a router issue with me–this does require a restart).

Sorry I meant data/sim as well. Did it work after reboot?

Restarts did not fix it. I factory reset, but maybe removing and reinserting SIM would have worked as stated above–I didn’t try that

I don’t know exactly what was changed in 1.2, except for the SMS fix. I’m running beta 1 (can’t install 1.2 from 1). Since installation, I have not been able to view any battery usage details. It simply says, “isn’t available”. I already have AccuBattery, so it isn’t an issue for me, but I want to make sure it’s mentioned if it’s a bug. Otherwise, I’ve had no problems.


Ok cool will back up my phone tomorrow I hope if time allows and install. I will duplicate my existing phone onto my tc2 se. And carry it with me incase of problems. Thanks.

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I was able to upgrade flawlessly from the first beta, didn’t lose any data or apps. I had noticed the wifi being intermittent on the first beta, and 12 hours into this beta it seems to have fixed that issue. Other thing noticed is instead of reporting LTE for my mobile signal, it’s only 4G now. I still have signal, removed the SIM and re-inserted with no change. Everything still works though! This is on T-Mobile in the USA.
Only other thing noticed is that text message notifications will disappear from the lock screen occasionally. I use textra as my texting app, never had a problem with it before, and other notifications seem to be unaffected. :upside_down_face:


4G is same as LTE :slight_smile: . Dev team will change the icon though.


I experienced the same thing with my SIM card, but I had to reseat it twice before the phone would read it.

I see that there’s a date/time bar on top and the Google search bar is on the bottom. It looks like these can’t be removed with the current build, or I missed something.

I’d like to be able to remove those two widgets to get more screen real estate.

Another issue - when I start Pokemon Go, it prompts to install a new version of ARCore.

However, when it goes to the Play Store and tries to upgrade “Google Play Services for AR”, I get an alert stating that the app isn’t compatible with your device anymore. :frowning:

I’m guessing it’s because the beta isn’t certified by Google?

Does anybody have issues with the screen locking during a phone call, can’t be turned on unless the phone call is directed to a Bluetooth connection, headphones or car?


Have had, yeah. Seemed to be occurring more frequently after a Google Phone update. It has been mostly behaving for the past few days for me.

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If it’s still behaving that way after a reboot, then could you try these steps -

I’ve noticed a couple of things I would like to note- both positive and negative- about the update so far.

First, Bluetooth connection overall seems to have improved from Android 9, with fewer drops and stutters. (I use Pixel Buds wireless earbuds). When I first updated I also noticed that the sound was not syncing correctly when I was watching Youtube, but it seems to be working now.

The launcher also is freezing/stopping much less often than it did on Android 9. Sometimes it still crashes when I use gesture navigation to close Netflix, but it doesn’t freeze at all and I am able to return to the home screen with no issues immediately after.

One negative is that I cannot currently use Google Pay for NFC payments, but that is because the software isn’t fully finished and certified yet, so that wasn’t a surprise.

The LED is now solid green while charging as long as the battery is above 15%. While this isn’t a big deal, it would be nice if it was somehow distinguished from the same solid LED when the battery is full. Whether that means letting us customize the color, or having it blink while charging and be solid when charged it would be very nice to be able to tell at a glance if the phone is charging or charged

I have a permanent “Customize your Pixel” message at the top of my settings menu. If I press on it I am directed to change my wallpaper, then nothing else. The message stays no matter what.

I have 2 clock apps now for some reason. One that seems to be the same app from Android 9, and another one that also seems to be an included app, but has slightly different features. (no bedtime settings).

I also like the option for full gesture navigation that comes with Android 10. It is very nice to use! I think those are all of the things i’ve noticed so far, and thats all the feedback I have. You’re doing great work Sharad! Thanks to you and your team for all the hard work and great effort!


The upgrade itself went smoothly without any issues.

After rebooting, for each notification where I had set a custom mp3 file as the notification, those were all set to some 4 digit nonsense number and did not play a sound.

After a week or so, I went opened the apps screen, I was greeted with a “Customize your Pixel” notice. I don’t own a Pixel. :slight_smile:

The spinning cube on boot should be changed. It’s a bit too much and looks too much like a tech demo. The slowly pulsing leaf was perfect. You should bring that back or do something that is similarly subtle.


  • I connected to multiple devices cars, headsets, computers, etc.
  • Connection stability improved. I used to get shaky BT connections at times with garbled audio. That seems to be better now.
  • Bug: Whenever I turn off a Bluetooth device while the audio is playing, the audio will start playing through the phone’s speaker for about a second before pausing as it should. In Android 9, the audio would quietly pause. This is very bad if I’m using headphones, because I typically use a headset to avoid disturbing others around me.
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