[Beta launch] New Camera App for T1 and T2e

Devs have been working on porting an open-source camera app from Graphene OS. We love the app for its clean menu, speed, and the easy to follow options.

Would love for some Teracube One and Teracube 2e users to try it out. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the apk directly to your phone.
  2. When you tap the file to install, the phone will ask for permission to install “Unknown Apps”. Give the permission.
  3. Now you will have two camera apps, both named “Camera”. The new app has a green dot icon.

Give it a try and let us know.

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Are you partnered with upstream and taking feature requests, or are you simply looking for feedback on what works and doesn’t at this time?

I think replacing OpenCamera will be impossible for me, but replacing MediaTek’s camera app should be very easy provided any app supports the dual-camera TeraCube Samsung sensors properly.

Works alright, I guess, but fundamental issues with our camera system remain (noise, IQ, and depth camera) , so I’m not sure what this addresses and if it’s worth the effort.

Is the MediaTek one not available with any updates to add functionality like QR scanning?

The camera navigation for this new app is much better and overall the responsiveness is improved as well (over the Mediatek app). And yes - it’s much more maintainable as well as we go from one Android version to the next.

You are right - it doesn’t offer any image quality improvement yet. The Pro tab will offer more features later.

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Ahhh… So something Teracube is helping develop and maintain? Cool!

Once you get further along, I’ll have tons of featur requests haha. OpenCamera spoiled me with how incredible it is.

Tried it on 11.0.2 and it seems much nicer than the standard built-in app or the Gagan recommended GrapheneOS camera. Standard focus was decent, and while there’s still a major issue with macro focus when it gets within a few inches, switching to the Pro tab and controlling the focus manually does allow working around that issue. If called from other apps, either a dedicated Macro button or allowing manual focus similar to the Pro option would potentially make check cashing and other spawned processes much less painful. I’ve found that anything at a distance tends to be fine, but Macro photos are always a battle.
While the new app may not have all of the features of Camera ZOOM FX Premium, Manual Camera: DSLR Camera Pro, Open Camera, or ProCam X ( HD Camera Pro ), as long as it’s eventually able to scan a check fairly reliably on the first attempt, my wife’s main concerns will be met.


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