Beta testers wanted for new software update

Since no one has screamed so far :slight_smile: - we could take more beta testers.

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Hey everyone,
Note* for anyone else don’t put it on your SD card or it will cause a looping issue of the phone restarting the update over and over. That is what was causing the “Installing System Update” screen to blink on and off and make no progress. If you do test the update move the zip folder to internal storage on the phone itself.

So far so good I updated and tried out my alarms and they seem to be working as intended no blinking or the screen going on and off like before. Going to see how it goes with the update. No headaches as of yet.

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So far all is good. The battery drain appears to be gone. I was able to set up face unlock and it seems to be working. Since I am at home I did turn off trusted places and all that and the phone seems to unlock when looking at me, then require pin/fingerprint if not pointed at my face. Nice work!

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A bonus- Lawnfeed on my Lawnchair launcher was not working before the update, now it is!

Agreed, battery life does seem much better. Haven’t seen the random freeze/locking up issues where the phone was unusable for short periods of time. Phone restarts right away after tapping the restart button instead of fighting with it 4 or 5 times. Will update with more info as I use more.

I have one of ours set up with the update and will test it against one that doesn’t have it. I’ll report back with results.

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a smooth update on my phone!

I did notice that the on-phone instructions for the local update said to click “Update now” but the button was labeled “Install now”
(*with me you get the TINY picky things too like typos)

Also, I believe I needed to push the power button to restart the phone after clicking that button (or else it coincidentally rebooted when I got impatient)

Despite the warning that my data might be cleared by an update, this acted AS AN UPDATE SHOULD and did not reset the phone.

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I seem to have lost root with the beta update.
Magisk Manager reports that Magisk itself is not installed (and no “Direct Install” option)

Titanium Backup says that it does not have root.

I’d love to test the beta as well!

Update went smoothly. My custom wall paper had to be reset, as it no longer scrolled across all the screens … minor issue. I thought the battery lasted longer before … it is discharging even slower now this could last a long time at this rate. Only lost 5% and have been browsing and surfing the web facebook and Flipboard one YouTube video for about 2hr so that’s amazing as I wanted to see the battery life. Had an issue with cut and paste in Firefox one time not sure if that’s app related or not. Closed the app and opened again and was all good hasn’t happened again. The hickups with the finger touch sensor seem to be gone and photo’s still seem to be great. I turned on the Mid beauty mode on my camera as seems to do a great job but doesn’t seem to stay on and needs to be set each time…? But even with out still looks great! Selfie (front) camera works great but I made sure the anti-shake was on. Same as before for me as tested shortly after got phone still very happy with quality of pictures. Sound is still louder and clearer than any phone I have had. Speed is still fast. Not sure how to judge if it’s any faster as my phone was already a lot faster than my pixel XL. Will test the Bluetooth with auto connecting to my car stereo I noted yesterday and today I had to manually make it connect each time. And didn’t auto connect. Now with update will see if any change.
If there is any specific tests you would like me to try to see if it causes specific problems noted in the past please let me know so I may better help with the beta testing.

Tried to reinstall the science news online app. Still doesn’t like this version of Android keeps closing and restarting in the background. But it was for an older version of Android and no longer supported it seems worked on the pixel but each phone has its own personalities I have discovered no matter how much they should be the same.

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Happy to beta test if it’s still needed.

Count me in for testing too if you’re still needing more testers. This horrible battery life is a drag.

Charging seemed slow this morning. I woke to 90% battery (which is great as I charged when I did the update yesterday). It took over 30 minutes to charge that last 10%. That appears slower than before the update but that could just be my “watching the clock” I will have a better sense after a full charge tomorrow.
Hopefully others can look at their charging and report in.

Thanks for the detailed feedback. I would say continue to use regular apps (social media, etc), calls, etc. Bluetooth testing will be helpful as well.

So far the response as been good. We are considering making the update widely available on forum before sending it out as an OTA update.

So…if the update is going to be available via the forum, can I begin to set up my 2 Teracubes and begin using them? Do both phones need to have access to this forum to get the update? I am NOT technology savvy. One of the phones will be for my middle school child and the other will be my own personal cell phone. Thanks.

We will post the update steps for everyone soon. If you are not comfortable then I’ll suggest waiting for the OTA update (like other smartphones). We should have that out within 3-4 days.

Hi I tested the bluetooth out and it didn’t auto connect to my car stereo like my old phone did had to manually get to join. Not sure if this is due to my Bluetooth already connected to my headset the pixel still auto connected but new phones different settings. I will delete and re pair and see if that fixes the Bluetooth issue. My headset joins perfectly so not sure what’s up. I did have one instance today with bit defender I use to lock some of my apps with (amazon, Facebook etc) not responding to my finger print sensor had to exit and relaunch the app but it is far better than it was not sure if it’s residual bug issue or an app issue. I never had a clock issue with the phone and still don’t all good there. Calls are amazing clear and loud at Max volume when using phone directly off Bluetooth. And Bluetooth calls with a good quality headset are just as good as my pixel XL. My headset seems to last a bit longer as it supports Bluetooth 5.0 my old phone didn’t. Range is excellent might be a touch farther than my old pixel XL.

Have done a better battery test today as my wife pointed out I was using an app killer last night I would say with all apps running in back ground and no charging and above average use today I am now at 39% had spare time to push it. Under the old system I suspect I would have been closer to 10-15% and charging. As a heavy user the battery time is excellent.

Quick question I noted a opening on top right opposite the head phone jack is that an IR Blaster? Or something else? Was just wondering.

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That hole on the top right is the 2nd microphone.

I would suggest the same - delete the car Bluetooth connection on both sides and re-pair to see if that fixes it.

Battery usage is much better. Before the update I would probably be in the 20% right now and I’m currently at 62%.

Another issue I was having before is the time in the upper left hand corner would freeze and not update occasionally, full restart required. I have not had that issue today.

Thank you all for the feedback and testing. We have now opened the update to everyone on the forum.