Bluetooth headphones not connecting

When setting up my phone I was able to pair with my bose headphones. However when I later tried to use them it was not picking up the headphones as being in range even though they were inches apart. I had to connect the headphones with a headphone cable! It was not showing it in the list of paired things I could connect to either. Any advice? Walking while listening to audiobooks is a major activity for me, weather permitting.

Hi @sandra - Iā€™m assuming you are pairing your headphones with Teracube 2e. Could you try the following:

  1. Make sure the headphones are not connecting with some other device. This is one of the common reasons for devices not connecting - because they have connected with another phone/tablet.
    1.1 If the headphones are connected to some other phone/tablet, either delete that pairing or disable their Bluetooth.
  2. If still not working, reboot the phone.

No, the headphones are definitely not connecting with any other device. I will try rebooting the phone.

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