Bluetooth keyboard nonfunctional on T2e-A11 (SN:2021, Emerald)

I haven’t been able to use my bluetooth keyboard since I upgraded my 2e to Android 11. It connects and pairs just fine, and even has a keyboard icon, but doesn’t actually allow me to type anything anywhere. In the device details, it is set as an input device.
Not sure if this is an Android bug, or a 2e bug.

Could you take logs (instructions here) and email them to Could be a missing configuration or something.

Sure thing, I’ll send that right now

Hi @eccoblackfin - got your logs. Can you try on 11.0.1 and see if it is any different.

  1. Install the new 11.0.1 update.
  2. Remove/forget the keyboard.
  3. Repair and try.

Just to confirm, my phone is a SN: 2021 batch. Is there an update for that version yet, or will this one work with it?

ooh your original post said “since I upgraded my 2e to Android 11”. That led me to believe that you have SN:2020 (SN:2021 came with Android 11 out of the box).

If you have SN:2021, then there is no update yet. I’ll discuss the keyboard issue with the Dev team.

Oh, yeah, sorry about the confusion. I got a warranty replacement that’s the 2021 model. Nice little surprise when I found the new OS on there.

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