Bugs and quirks

All new devices have issues and bugs that usually require a software update to correct. Terracube mentioned a coming software update to fix the bugs so far found. I thought it would be helpful to have a forum post where users could post issues as they run into them. That way Terracube can have a list of items to explore and fix. Please read all the posts here before posting about your specific issue. If your issue is already listed, don’t list it again. Instead, upvote/comment on the existing issue post. This way everything stays manageable. Also, do a Google search to see if your issue is an Android problem that has been addressed on help posts from other sites.

Issues I have run into so far-

Face Lock does not work (Terracube mentioned that they are aware of this issue and working on a fix).

Settings menu tends to freeze up when adjusting some settings. The menu needs to be closed and re-opened, then it may work.

Double-tap to sleep does not seem to be active

Hi Debra - thanks for the suggestion of a known issue post. We will work on that. Just a minor correction in your post - our brand is Teracube (instead of Terracube). Not a big thing as many folks have spelt it that way :slight_smile:.

[Update : Here is the Known issues thread]

Regarding the issues you are facing - we have traced all performance issues to the face lock bug. The bug fix makes a huge difference to the stability as well as the battery performance. As mentioned earlier - we are working hard to get it out asap. However the virus situation is not making it easy to work with Mediatek.

Regarding the double-tap to sleep - it is disabled by default. Have you enabled it under Settings > Display > Advanced?

Me bad on the name, thanks for the correction!

I did turn on Tap-to-sleep in settings. It works on the lock screen but doesn’t work anywhere on the home pages.

Have fun hunting down bugs. You did the easy part- getting the phone out. Bug hunting can make anyone old before their time, ha.

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Hello Sharad,
I see you mentioned battery performance. My battery life seems to be pretty short-lived. Hopefully, it gets better, or should I expect a charge a day? The phone is brand new though, will it cycle into more lifespan?
[EDIT] oh yeah, and, phone gets sort of hot when charging. Normal? Im not a tech person but my two Nokias were very different.
Thank you!
Lem Mason
Louisville, KY

Are you using the default launcher or a different one? Double-tap to sleep works on the default launcher and may not work on others.

Hi Lem,

Currently there is a software bug that is causing excessive battery drain. It should get a lot better once we are able to release software update (within 2-3 weeks).

And yes - phone getting a bit hot during charging is normal (quick charging). It might get just a tad cooler after the update.


I responded in the battery question in another forum.
Thank you very much Sharad. Appreciate the fast response!

No recovery.
While I would :heart: TWRP, I know that might be awhile.

For right now, selecting “Recovery” during boot yields open android pic with text “No Command”

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My mistake, I was using my launcher. Thanks for the help!

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Hi Lem,

Just checking to make sure you have received and installed the software update to fix battery issues.