Bugs galore!

This has turned into the worst phone I’ve ever owned. Always a new bug to deal with. Since I bought it about a year ago, there’s been 6 or 7 major bugs to deal with. Some of which were a major pain to resolve, seeing it does not update automatically. Also, there’s always some new weird quirk to deal with. Lately, when I make a phone call, after I pull my face away from the phone, and even press the power button to illuminate the screen so that I may hang up, it stays dark! So if I leave someone a voicemail, there is about 30 seconds of me talking and 2 minutes of me swearing at my phone trying to hang up! Lol. Surely not buying another phone from this company. Unfortunately, because I do like what they stand for. One downside of supporting the small companies, they don’t always have their shit together. Sorry TeraCube!


Install the 10.1.2 it will require a factory reset. These are Beta versions of 10 really. I knew that going in. I had the same issue as you. After the factory reset I did some fiddling but re starting a few times is what solved the issue. 10.1.2 does seem to have less bugs but one I did note was the very odd time I lost my mobile data. Only happened during one day. Turning off the mobile data count to 3 and turn on and haven’t had a problem since. Wife is still using first 10.1.1 and doing ok but being deaf doesn’t make phone calls.

My pixel XL had many bugs and many were never fixed. These folks at least are trying to make it right. That I respect. Not sure if your as old as I am but I remember the early phones and all the issues. Those companies had so many years to learn and grow. They are starting to catch their stride and don’t forget they have an insane level of pandemic going on down their doesn’t help them.

Are they perfect no are they trying yes. Do I feel your pain yes. I missed an important call from a doctor and no idea which one so tomorrow I have to make a lot of calls.

All the best



There are always bugs, but please Dylan don’t compare and issues with Teracube 1 with any Pixel device.

They are not the same game. Pixel updates and works well.

Hi Casey,

Can you call someone and them press firmly during the black screen in the top 1/3 of the screen and let me know if you dialer reappears? I think I have solved the bug and need to confirm it with someone else with this problem.
It carried over into 10.1.2 for me.



PS - if have ear phones with a mic like the one that came with the Teracube 1. This seems to override the proximity sensor and can use the dialer. I will be testing rolling back to original android 9 to see if it is a software issue or a hardware issue. Will update once I know. Been working with Sharad on this.

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Hi Casey - that phone call issue seems like a Google phone app or the proximity sensor issue. You can try the following:

  1. Uninstall all Google phone app updates.
  2. Clear “Phone” app storage and cache at Settings > Apps & notifications.
  3. Do a factory reset.
  4. If the reset does not fix it, then the proximity sensor has gone bad. We can replace your unit under warranty.

Completely disagree. Pixel devices are notorious for hardware defects. There have been numerous acknowledged class action lawsuits and return programs around these phones ranging from mics to defective screens. Between hardware and software bugs, I’ll choose software every time which can at least be fixed with an update. Teracube has had its issues and they need to continue to execute, but it looks like software updates are headed in the right direction based on what I’ve seen.


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