Can I restrict my child from placing calls after the phone time has run out?

Yes and no, both. Outbound calls could be restricted, but Inbound will still keep working.

Warning: This is a safety issue - what if your child is stuck in a situation and wants to connect with you? If you restrict outbound calls after the phone time is up, they may be unable to contact you in an emergency.

So proceed only if you have read the above warning.

Better way
We have a new feature currently in development called “Safe calling” that will allow you to restrict who can be called and who can’t. We expect to roll out the software update in 4-6 weeks.

How to restrict outbound calls
The default dialer app (or the Phone app) can be run all the time (by default). This means the Phone app will be allowed even when the total phone time has run out.

You can change this setting in the Parent app as follows:

  1. Open the Parent app
  2. From the main dashboard, tap your child’s profile
  3. In the “Allowed apps” section, find and tap the Phone app.
  4. You will see that the “Limit screen time for app” option is unchecked.
  5. Switch on the “Limit screen time for app” option and set its time limit.

After this, your child cannot make outbound calls when your total phone time limit is over. Few limitations of this:

  1. They may still be able to receive inbound calls.
  2. Ongoing outbound calls will not get disconnected. Only new outbound calls will be restricted.

Also, read below article on how time restrictions work on Thrive:

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