Case protection... broken camera lens

I’ve had my phone for 3 days now and the camera lens is already busted. I had in my pocket all day, don’t recall hitting it against anything. Carried my previous phone around the same way for 2.5 years and never had an issue. I really think the case it came with doesn’t provide appropriate protection. If anyone finds another case that fits please let me know.

I noticed someone on Kickstarter mention the iPhone X Max has similar dimensions to Teracube; maybe it’ll fit?

I haven’t tried it out yet though, so I’m not sure if while the size may fit even if it’s off by a few mm, the holes will likely be misaligned. (I’ve been wondering the same though, so I’ve kind of been lurking about the Kickstarter page seeing if anyone finds an exact one lol)

We noticed that the included jelly cases don’t protrude far enough to protect the lens. Until a manufacturer starts making them, we’re going to do diy silicone cases that are bulked up around the rear lens.


I want to start doing some useful 3D printing, and a 3D case mockup would be a great start (*hint hint Teracube).

Many of the public libraries in my city now have 3D printers for patron use (at cost of materials). A starting design would enable lots of people!

I also like the silicone “modeling clay” DIY version, might have to try a version of that.

Really sorry to hear that. I see that you have also sent us an email - will follow up there on how to get it replaced.

Thanks Sharad I appreciate it

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