CDMA-capable Teracube?

Is there any possibility a Teracube 3 might be a dual CDMA/GSM phone? The reason I ask is that a local carrier, US Cellular, apparently allows one unlimited or at least very substantial tethering, and in other ways is probably much less evil than Goolag Fi, ATT/Cricket, Verizon etc (T-Mo sadly doesn’t quite reach me at home).

CDMA is 2G technology and is almost dead. 3G/4G and 5G are now common technology between the old CDMA and GSM carriers. You can read more here -

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So do you think there’s a chance tbe used 2e I should be getting today will work with US Cellular? They are a fairly large regional carrier, have an excellent cheap plan that appears to include maybe 10gb tethered data, and I think are BYOD friendly. They definitely don’t have the Verizon Death Star attitude.

Its worth trying. Did it work if you already tried? Not sure if we have other US cellular users.

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Got both Cricket and US Cellular sims in it. The USC sim shows no signs of life, but that isn’t completely definitive because they told me (and I confirmed), that unless the sim card was for an active account, the device would only register on CDMA net, not LTE (I confirmed with a USC device).

I’ll talk to them more at some point.

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