[Certified] Android 11 for Teracube 2e 1st batch (SN: 2020)

Update worked but I lost all my pages of apps (there were a few default apps showing on initial screen) and had to move them back from the list of all apps which you see when you scroll down. I normally keep 5 or 6 pages of apps which are related to each other and have yet to re-instate them. Also some apps don’t remember their login, others do. One of my usual connections to wi-fi needed password entered, 4 others did not. Reconnecting the messages to the desktop took a while but is working properly again now. WhatsApp had no such issue

I also have 2 SIMs and it forgot my preferences, also initially the apps which used data from the SD card couldn’t find the card. The file manager app found it and now all other apps can find it as well.


I noticed after the update that the option to set the battery charging limit is no longer there. Will this feature return?



Hello, overall smooth experience upgrading and using A11. Kudos to the team for the smooth transition.

One other app or function not working, Quickstep actions, like double-tap empty part of screen to mimic pressing the power button is not working.

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Anyone else having battery issues after upgrading? i used to get 2 days on a charge, however now i am lucky to get 4 hours…

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anyone able to make the status bar solid after the upgrade? my daughter wants the black bar back again instead of it being translucent. it used to have the option to hide the notch but those are gone now. can that be put back?

Adding that on the Dev list…

Duraspeed is gone. What background apps are running that consume so much? You kan disable running in the background in the app info under battery and you can optimize others.

Not much running. Phone never got warm. Wondering if it is just the battery counter out of calibration? Been at 1% for a couple hours now…

Hello, ok so I did the reset to ver 9. Using the loader. Once I have the original image on I then go to back to the system updated, run the ver 16 with out doing the local update. This works fine for android 10 2e 16 installed reboot then go to local update and select new ver 11 image but does not take. No error message but the running image is the android10 2e 16. Suggestions. Thank you

Mine did the same I did go back and selected what the app asked in the format area. Having done this I could reimage the phone to the original image. Then did the upgrade to 10. 2e 16 but the upgrade to 11 did not work

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also the status bar icons option is greyed out on the previous build we could hide the icons on this one they are unable to be hidden. on my other phones (not the 2e) those can be hidden. i know its trivial but my daughter wants to figure that out also.

for those who want to make the notch hidden one work around is to use natcho notch and set notifications for it and it will make the bar black but i do want the built in option back if possible so an extra app is not taking up space.

edit got the picture in picture thing on chrome to work had to change the foreground permission

I’ve recently bought a Samsung M12 for my mother-in-law, which also comes with Android 11, and it doesn’t have that function neither.
Could it be Google’s doing?

I just updated and the LED is still flashing constantly…

It still constantly blinks while battery saver is on and when plugged in the light is on constantly

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You’re going to need a custom launcher or something similar to achieve that. Android 11 & above don’t have that option on the stock launcher.

one of my other phones has the option without a custom launcher. there is a switch for it as well as an option to hide the notch just like when using nacho notch. in developer options there is a setting to move the notch or hole there should be a way to make another option to make the whole bar black.

Is it a Google Pixel or another brand that uses a stock or near stock launcher for Android 11 or above? If not, they’re using their own custom launcher that gives you that option. The Teracube 2e is using a very close to stock Android 11 launcher so that option is not present.