[Certified] Android 11 for Teracube 2e 1st batch (SN: 2020)

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battery life is DREADFUL on this rom my daughter will be going back to the last one. she used to get a full 1-1.5 days and she uses it ALL day she is charging twice a day now. its crazy how fast its being drained.

I noticed the sound recorder app is gone again after being there in the alpha :frowning:

The performance seems to have regressed a bit, I posted in the other topic about that already.

Good to have fingerprint sensor back again, though :slight_smile:
Everything else seems to run fine so far, will report back if I find anything.

Reading the issues reported here makes me wary to upgrade. Not to mention that it’s a manual process and not provided OTA.

I would love to install and run Android 11, but not at the cost of degraded battery life, reduced performance and missing features.

Is there any plan to release the latest security updates for Android 10?

I feel like Android 11 isn’t ready yet.
I will remain on Android 10 for the time being.

As far as I can tell, you can no longer set or keep your old batter charging limits. This is one of my favorite features and I would love to see it return!

Also since updating I have the little “x” over my cell signal bar icon but I have been receiving messages and made a successful call already, so not sure what the icon is about.

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Could you share a screenshot (or PM it to me)? Also - what carrier are you using?

I see now that holding the power button also has a different function than before. How do I take a screenshot now?

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Recents has screenshot (the rectangle button in the navigation bar at the bottom OR swipe up from bottom if you are using gestures)

How to take screenshots on your Android phone - The Verge. (Scroll down the article for Android 11)

Hi Sharad, here’s the screenshot with my sim info. It’s the same situation on my mother’s phone that I just updated as well and we both use ATT. I’ve also noticed that I no longer have some contacts (I think ones that I had saved to the sim) so I’m wondering if this is similar to the sim issues that other people have been posting.

EDIT: looking back now, screenshots don’t show the icon tray at the top of the phone any more, so I’m not sure how to share with you.

Hey Andy,

I think the x on the signal in the statusbar is an AOSP thing that basically signifies that your cellular data is turned off. It is nothing to be worried about.

Thanks Gagan, I think you may be right as when I turned data on it went away. However, this is the same icon pre-update that I didn’t have signal, so I am still a little interested in why this is different now, especially considering data does not affect my cell signal. It does seem I may still be having issues with the sim recognition though.

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I’ll try to answer both your previous questions. The “data off” icon is the default icon in Android 11 and like other OS updates things look different. My alarms work perfectly from the default clock app, not sure why yours don’t. Did you use a different clock and/or alarm app at one point?

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Hey Andy,

We have moved from MediaTek frameworks to pure AOSP (Google’s open source code release) almost entirely, hereby dropping a lot of proprietary code in the process, to make updates way faster.

Hence, a lot of new AOSP behaviours are being introduced, better or confusing UX all at the same time. This is also the reason why almost all the features that were present on the Android 10 build haven’t really made it to Android 11, which is currently in progress, as a priority that we need to work on. Performance too, is a high priority and we’re trying to patch all of it up as fast as possible.

The signal icon is one more thing that has been introduced by the usage of AOSP.

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Just updated it. Broke my VoLTE. Reset Network and APNs etc, and it’s working now, but it was confusing for a bit because the icon (says HD) was different. Didn’t know you could choose the icon in display settings.


I’m having the same issue with my battery. Barely lasts a day now, when it used to run well over a day and a half. On top of that, it seems my phone has gotten slower and freezes a few times a day.

Camera app is also horrible. Slow, always opens on selfie shot and I never do those.

Come on Team Teracube, fix these issues pleaseeeeee?

Agreed, Sound Recorder was a thing I liked having. It is no longer there since the Android 11 upgrade. Is there any advice from Team about it?
Otherwise thanks Teracube for the improvements. Will follow up as updates release.

Yes - this is part of our worklist. For now, you could use this open-source sound/voice recorder.

Everyone - please install the latest 11.0.2 update (either from the Teracube updater inside Android Settings or from the info page)