Consumer cellular - can not send MMS/pictures on 2e

I have the same issue. Using Consumer cellular in the US. How do I find the APN suggested by my carrier?

Sorry for the late reply. Did you figure out the right APN settings for US cellular? Here is what we found:

Yes, it’s Consumer Cellular, not US cellular, and I figured it out.

i called consumer cellular & they walked me thru the steps to change the APN & make it so i can RECEIVE images, but i still CANNOT TEXT IMAGES. I am still awaiting reply from teracube on a fix for this.

Hi @allied - welcome to Teracube forums. Your issue is most likely an APN settings thing. Could you please post screenshots of your selected APN settings here.

@Cdarvennes - are you able to send images via text? If yes, could you post screenshots of your APN settings?

I can send and receive pictures. See 3 screen shots of my APN.

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Awesome - thanks a ton @Cdarvennes