Cricket wireless issue with Teracube 2e (Update: Both Cricket and AT&T should work now)

My Phone Worked for 3hrs Volte and Enhanced LTE were working. It stoped that was about a Month ago. 2 weeks ago they were still working on it. Be Honest I may just either go to ATT or back to T mobile. Oh you spent $100, ok well we made some un- necessary and fixed something that wasn’t broke but you can spend $400 and by one of these new 5g phones.

Any updates on Cricket?


Our latest build has an issue with just one emergency alert - State local (Spanish). However, AT&T needs it to be perfect and hence we need some more work.


We have positive news to share :slight_smile:. Our latest SW build (SW 13) got passed from the Testing lab and is now in AT&T’s hands. They will review everything and get back to us in a week or so.


I’ve been using net10 on my 2e but cricket is my regular carrier. Had to change several settings and will be glad when I can put my cricket sim in and go.

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Great news - AT&T has authorized Teracube 2e on their network :slight_smile:. Thank you everyone for being patient with the process.

Next steps for Cricket users
See their email below. The actual rollout might be slow - so activations might not happen immediately.

  1. If you have a different ATT-approved phone, then activate your Cricket SIM on that other phone and then bring it to Teracube 2e.
  2. If you don’t have another AT&T-approved phone, even then try activating your Cricket SIM. If it does not work, then wait for 2-3 business days.


OK, so I have an unused 2e, but a Cricket SIM that works in my current phone. Are you saying that I should try swapping the SIM into the 2e now? How do I know that the software building on my 2e is at SW13 like your Facebook post mentioned?

At this point the Cricket activation should work without the upgrade. So please go ahead. We are working on getting the upgrade out soon as well.

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Just now popped my cricket SIM into the 2e. Made a phone call successfully.

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And now my SIM is disabled. Cannot call or text

You might have to call their customer support to get it working. As AT&T mentioned, it might take 3-5 days to go through completely.

Yeah still currently being Flagged as incompatible at Cricket.

Flagged as incompatible today when checking imei with cricket app using another cricket activated phone. Maybe next week will be different. I wonder if we will be able to tell any other way that something has been updated? Will our teracube phones be able to show an update, or is the update at the network level?

Cricket seems to want to force people to buy Samsung , LG , Apple or Some Motorola device that may or may not be cricket store bought phones.

I was able to activate a new Cricket connection today. I had SW13 installed on my phone. Could some of you install SW13 and try again please?

Note: The activation should ideally work on the factory software (SW6) as well.

Here are the notes from AT&T folks:

Please ask them to try again for new activation.

And, if a SIM is already active, it will need to be SIM swapped in and out of the device, and restart to get the VoLTE.

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Installed SW13 on 2e phone. Popped in Cricket SIM. Restarted 2e phone. Have been making/receiving calls consistently since then. Texts are working. Hooray!


We made the list :wink:


Does installing /e/ or Lineage retain all the necessary software to keep the ATT certification?

I presume it is a combination of the Teracube 2e hardware and the Teracube 2e Android build that was certified?

Hoping there aren’t any proprietary bits that would not be usable in /e/ or Lineage builds that would prohibit working well on ATT’s network, specifically VoLTE. What I understand of Lineage builds for other phone models is the IMS implementations were proprietary and closed making things like VoLTE impossible.

At the end of the day, want to run /e/ or Lineage on my Teracube 2e on ATT and still be able to make VoLTE calls.

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VoLTE should most likely continue working with /e/ OS and/or Lineage. The authorization is attached to the IMEI. We have not tested this ourselves though.

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