Cricket wireless issue with Teracube 2e (Update: Both Cricket and AT&T should work now)

Important Update (April 2, 2021): Teracube 2e has been authorized by AT&T. See here for more information.

This issue only affected Cricket wireless users in the USA.

A Teracube 2e (T2e) backer has reported that Cricket wireless activation is failing. It is most likely because AT&T changed their activation policy just 1 week back on Jan 19, 2021 (AT&T link).

Note 1: This only affects Cricket wireless in the US. All other supported networks in the US like TMobile, MetroPCS, Mint mobile, Ting, etc should work out of the box. The same holds for all international carriers in Canada, UK, the EU, and other countries.

Note 2: Your Cricket SIM may become out of service if you try activating it - as reported here. In that case, you can call Cricket customer service to re-activate it on your old phone.

Our action plan:

  1. We had already started the AT&T certification process 3 months back. It is a slightly stretched process with multiple rounds of software fixes and lab testing. It will take another 6-8 weeks to get completed.

Update: Our test Cricket SIM did not activate. So we have to wait for certification to complete for Cricket wireless to work.

Stay tuned for more updates on this.


I had a Cricket sim and put it in my T2e and it locked up my services and had to transfer the sim back to my original phone in order to get my service turned back on


Thanks for reporting it. Completing the ongoing AT&T certification may be the only solution in that case. We will provide updates on the process here.

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Good evening. I am on Consumer Cellular which uses the AT&T network. Will this have any effect on activating my phone (when I get it)?

It’s best to try it out once you get the phone. Our guess is that issue should not affect other MVNOs based on AT&T. In the worst case, we should get 2e certified with AT&T within 6-8 weeks.

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Uh oh I am on cricket.

Can confirm this happened to me too on Cricket. As soon as I put the sim in the teracube it “suspended” my line giving me no data.

Customer support said it was because it was 3G. Phone model has to be on their whitelist to allow it to be activated.

One AT&T user has reported that 2e is working with AT&T. Could other Teracube 2e users with AT&T post their experience?

Don’t even try to use the phone with your SIM card if you are on Cricket. I read this page and mistakenly thought that it only applied to ‘new’ SIM cards, not existing SIM cards with Cricket that are currently active. If you boot up with your Cricket SIM, your line is instantly out of service in your Teracube phone and your old phone. You will have to contact Cricket support and speak to a customer service representative before your SIM can work on your old phone again. Keep your IMEI numbers handy.

I have a AT&T SIM working on my Teracube 2e. Here is the order of phones the SIM has been in.

  1. Microsoft Lumia 950 (Bought from AT&T and is a certified device)
  2. Nokia 6 (2017 model, not certified)
  3. Teracube 2e (Not certified)

I’m on a family plan with three other devices. In our AT&T account, the other three phones have pictures and state their model as they were bought from AT&T. My Nokia 6 has always been a ‘?’. Moving to the Teracube 2e hasn’t caused any changes, still the same ‘?’. Text and calling work fine.

Unrelated: My screen protector has a large air bubble due to some dust. Also the charger makes a very high pitched buzzing when charging any device.

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Thanks for posting your AT&T experience. Please reach out to our support team via email at if the charger continues to be a problem. Regarding the screen protector, here is what you can try:

  1. (Risk of losing the current screen protector) : take off the screen protector, wash it under water and let it dry, use alcohol wipes to clean up the screen and re-apply the dried protector. Move out the bubbles using a credit card.

  2. Wait for our tempered glass screen protectors to become available.

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AT&T is functioning just fine for me. Better LTE speeds than my Xperia 1 actually.

The PD compatibility is a let down, but one I can live with…


The question I have is, are you certain about getting the certification(in the 7 weeks) or is it in limbo?
If you do not get the certification are we able to return the phone for a refund, because it will be past return policy.
Also are the 2e phones compatible with Hd voice because that is what cricket will change into next year.
I have the first Teracube , asking for family member who got the 2e.


The certification we are pursuing is for HD voice (VoLTE) - so that will work once finished. In fact HD voice already works on the AT&T network which is the same as Cricket.

And yes - we will allow late refunds if we are not able to complete certification.

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Thanks for all your hard work. Please keep us informed as all three of the phones I bought will be using Cricket Wireless.


Just wanted to mention I had no issues activating the phone on RedPocket GSMA (AT&T) Sim Card, once activated LTE & VoLTE are working without any issues on the phone.

To note, you will have to MANUALLY setup the APN on Android phones for AT&T on RedPocket and many AT&T MVNOs, so please be sure during the activation process or if you see issues with data services you inquire for the APN. Failure to setup the APN manually can result in only phone services working and data not. If you do not know the APN information for you provider, contact their support and they should be able to provide it to you.

My 2 cents.



One aspect of the HD Voice/VoLTE certification is that it will do dramatically improve speech recognition for those with hearing impairments. It really is night and day.

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I had the same thing happen to me as well.

Any resolution on cricket yet?


My Phone Worked for 3hrs Volte and Enhanced LTE were working. It stoped that was about a Month ago. 2 weeks ago they were still working on it. Be Honest I may just either go to ATT or back to T mobile. Oh you spent $100, ok well we made some un- necessary and fixed something that wasn’t broke but you can spend $400 and by one of these new 5g phones.