Data issues with Telus 🇨🇦


I just purchased a Teracube 2e, moved all my data over from my old android phone. Got my SD card set up but I can’t get mobile data to work.

I verified my APN settings, they exactly match what Telus says on their website. I have tried resetting my mobile network settings, turning mobile data on and off, moving sim card from one slot to another, and multiple restarts, all to no avail.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Sorry to hear that.

What 2e (2020x or 2021x serial), and what version of Android?

2021x serial and Android 11

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This beta build has some fixes that should help.

However, it is not certified, so some features will not work, like RCS messaging, and potentially some apps that check for certification before install.

Installed the beta build; data connection is now working, thank you. I’ll keep an eye on any apps that don’t work, but that seems like a minor inconvenience compared to no data connection.

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In practice for me, it blocked NetFlix and a parking meter payment app :person_shrugging:

Not breaking for me, but it can be for some folks, I guess.

Glad you are set!

Netflix works for me (just tested on wifi and on data connection); haven’t yet found anything that doesn’t work (other than the RCS messaging as mentioned).

Thanks @Saijin_Naib for the help!

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Update: Outlook doesn’t work but this isn’t a deal breaker for me; it just gives me a reason not to check my work mail at home!

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