[/e/ OS] Battery Indicator Falsely Says Charging, Only Charges Slowly

Yesterday when I woke up, I noticed my battery was nearly drained despite the phone being plugged in all night. When plugging it in, the phone says it is “charging slowly” but the battery percentage never increases. Here’s a basic rundown of the symptoms.

  • Sometimes, completely removing the battery and then powering the phone back on allows me to get a good charge (charges at regular speed). Other times these same steps do not work.
  • When plugging in the charger, the indicator says “Charing Slowly” with no progress
  • Unplugging the charger, the indicator still shows that it is charging with a time frame and percentage never moving

The only thing I haven’t tried is completely resetting the phone which is why I’m reaching out here. I’d like to avoid that if possible. Does anyone have any other suggestions that may help? I’m half tempted to just wait for the next /e/ update to see if that changes anything.

Might be useful to post/search on /e/ forums as well. Few things to try:

  1. Restart the phone.
  2. Soft reset.
  3. If nothing else works, a factory reset.