/e/ OS installation for Teracube 2e (both batches)

** Caution **: Never erase or wipe memory using SP Flash. Only use “Download” mode. And please get the latest version of SPFlash from our forums.

/e/ team has released instructions for installing /e/ OS on T2e 2nd batch (SN: 2021).

  • Please read all instructions and Caution statements carefully
  • Please identify your T2e batch carefully before proceeding. Your batch may have changed if you got a replacement phone.

/e/ OS for:
T2e 2nd batch (SN:2021 ; Emerald)

T2e 1st batch (SN:2020 ; Zirconia)

ps: If you you would rather buy Teracube 2e with /e/ OS pre-installed, then you can buy directly from efoundation here.


Looking at trying this for the fun of it but the caution messages are slightly worrying. Should I still do this if I’ve updated my 2020 2e to Android 11?

Update to Android 11 should not affect the installation steps (the partition table is still the same).

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