Echo on voice calls?

Is anyone else having others complain that they hear an echo of their own voice when on a call with you on your Teracube? I’ve had 2 different people complain of this. I tried taking off the case, and lowering the in-call volume, but neither seems to help. Talking on the speaker is the only apparent solution.

We have had few people experience that - during regular earpiece calls. The other side hears echo of their own voice. The temporary solution is to keep the Teracube volume at 50% - this has worked in all cases. Let us know if that works for you. We are working on full fix for this - might take some time though.

As you mentioned this is not an issue with speakerphone calls.

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I’ve had this even after the patch. My phone was on speaker the other people have complained about the echo. I’ll try half volume.

even at half on speaker, people on the other end are still hearing the echo

This may be a completely different issue but I was told there was significant feedback when calling into a webex conferance. I do this for work all the time. This could be a show stopper for me as I need to be able to do that with my cell. Hopefully, it’s not a consistant issue.

So far speakerphone calls have not experienced echo for us. Are you using regular cellular calls or some other app?

Regarding the feedback on webex calls - is it any different on other phones? One solution is to use wired or wireless earphones. We still want to diagnose the underlying issue though.

“So far speakerphone calls have not experienced echo for us” --weird
Mine is exactly the opposite. People have told me off speakerphone there is little to no issue but on speaker there is a significant echo to where it’s unusable for them.

I’m coming from a Samsung S9, it had no issues with webex. I’ve been using my computer’s microphone and speaker instead of the phone. I may try it again at some point but I can’t experiment at work normally.

Ok after finally re-rooting after the patch and re-installing magisk, this morning speaker phone was not a problem. Weird… but I’m very happy.

Will have to re-try webex now.

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Ok this was entirely my fault. I do record calls and I was using a free call recorder from F-Droid. I stopped the application and …wow no more echo. I switched back to the ACR app I was using on the Samsung and no-one is complaining of an echo.

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Glad to hear that. :slight_smile: :+1: