Factory reset Teracube One with inoperable touchscreen (no display, no touch)


I have a Teracube One with a completely destroyed touch screen (don’t ask). Nothing is displayed on the screen, and no touches are registered. I would like to factory reset the phone or, if that proves impossible, safely delete as much data as possible from it. I’d appreciate any advice anyone has.

The phone is not rooted. It’s running a relatively recent update of Android 10. The phone’s hard buttons still work. I can access the phone via adb. I can boot into recovery mode and use fastboot, but fastboot flashing unlock fails with an error “Unlock operation is not allowed”. In the past I’ve used scrcpy to interact with the phone on a computer, but that is no longer working–you need to authorize the connection on the phone screen, which I cannot use.

It’s a real pickle. Thank you for any ideas!


Hi Anthony - you can use the SP Flash process. Installing factory software will reset your unit.

Thank you. It looks like this worked!

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