[Final Beta] Android 12.1 for Teracube 2e (both batches)

In the meantime, I did go back to previous Android version with your easy flash tool.
It is my spare which I probably am going to use to start anew on Android 12.

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One more bug is found on the Zirconia build: impossible to connect to aTeracube 2e phone set up as a 3G Wi-Fi Hot Spot. Other phones cannot connect to it. Any similar experiences from anybody?


+1 - hotspot did not work for me either. I’ve let the Devs know.


Hi there, I successfully updated from Android 10. The bootup time was initially very slow but seems a bit better after I did a factory reset. Only thing that I am really missing so far is the hotspot (as above) which might mean I need to revert to older version unless there is a fix soon. Looking good otherwise!