Fingerprint setting and call problem

Hi there!

So I hope I’m doing right by posting it this way. But these are some bugs I encounter with my Teracube. I also looked for other people having these issues but I couldn’t find any topics about it.

Call disconnecting
So I’ve been having this problem where I can’t call longer as 10 seconds before the call randomly disconnects.
If I put it on speaker it works just fine.
I considered it may disconnect because I’m holding my phone to my face but that’s not the case because it still happens when I hold the phone away from my face.

Fingerprint setting gone
So my fingerprint randomly stopped working. I just thought the fingerprint scanner might not be working but when I went to do some financing on my bank app, it told me I had changed my fingerprint settings, so I went to check it and I can’t find it anywhere.
If I search my settings for “fingerprint” I get the “fingerprint swipe” setting which just gives me a blank page. (I also get the Show Lock down options, but I can’t change my fingerprint settings there either)

Are these like known bugs?
Is there a solution?

I’d like to know :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Hello! These bugs are not expected. Since there are multiple issue, I’ll suggest you try the following:

  1. Check if you have the SW6 software update : Settings > System > About > Wireless update (details here)

  2. Backup and Factory reset.