FM radio wanted (iodé)

Hello, i have buy a new Teracube 2e with iodé. I have read, the Teracube 2e has a hardware for a FM radio included. In iodé, there is no FM radio App installed. Now it gets complicated.

I have search for a trustable App as an APK and haven’t find one. Seemingly, there are many Apps with/for internet-radio or only for one radio station. The permissions are questionable and not trustworthy. Further, many Apps at F-Droid or Pure APK are outdated. There are other websites with APKs, but not really trustable.

In this community exists a topic with this question for a Teracube 2e with /e/. There has no solution. In this, the SpiritF App (APK) was mentioned. This App needs WLAN access, android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER, network access, full phone status access, storage access, which is very questionable and not trustworthy for a radio app.

The question seems to be very difficult. On the one hand, iodé seems to be responsible, on the other hand, there seems to be no apps (APK). Does anyone here have an idea?

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Yeah, this is definitely a sticking point for many folks (myself included!).

I don’t have any answer for you at present, but I do have confirmation from Sharad that this is on the team’s worklist and they’re investigating it.

Hopefully we have something good for us all soon :slight_smile:

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Yeah, please a simple one. Like in cyanogenmod.

There is on few websites a so named “UKW-Radio” from “Motorola Mobility LLC”. I’m not sure if this one is trustworthy. It is not published on the Motorola website. That is why I have not tested it yet. You can find it with the search string: motorola ukw-radio app

APK ( [02.04.0091 03.03.2023. FM (02.04.0091 20-01-23 10.8M. motorola-fm-radio.apk) (Dec 8, 2020. (02.03.0009. motorola-mobility-fm-radio_106152.apk)
All not really thrustworthy. I have seen, there are Apps was make a APK from an installed App?
or (08.12.2020)

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