Front camera blurriness

Has anybody else had issues with the front (selfie) camera being very blurry? My Samsung S7- which had 5MP instead of 8MP like the Teracube has- took selfies that are FAR superior to the Teracube’s front camera. The rear camera seems to be much better, but I still notice bluriness sometimes that shouldn’t be there in a 12MP camera. Almost like the camera itself is having trouble focusing.

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Based on our experience - the camera takes good pictures under well-lit conditions. It might not be able to compare to a Samsung though. Here is a thread and a pic which I’m assuming is using the back camera.

We might be able to improve picture quality somewhat in future builds (no timeline currently). However hardware has its limits.

interesting that it might not be able to compare well to a Samsung.
Isn’t the dual camera literally a Samsung?

Well the rear camera is good- I think that might compare to a Samsung. I’ve seen minor issues once in a while with blurriness, but it hasn’t been bad. The front camera though is awful, at least for me. It seems like it is stuck focused 10ft away, which means I’m always blurry and look like I’m in the foreground

Yes, the front facing camera is a disappointment unfortunately. I tried it under various light settings and
the quality still looks like a web camera from the 90’s. My xiaomi mi5 camera is so much better.

Hopefully this is a feature that can be addressed sooner rather than later.

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front camera seems to add a blurry smoothing effect after the pic is taken which does not show in the viewfinder and beauty mode I have turned off.

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I have the same problem

Small camera modules will not gather a ton of light. They’ll have to boost the ISO in all but the brightest settings. The stock camera app employs very aggressive chroma and luma noise reduction, destroying fine detail.

Try OpenCamera with noise reduction turned off and high-quality sharpening. You’ll see more grain, but fine detail is about what one would expect.


Which “Open Camera” app are your recommending, please? There are several apps on the Google Paly Store called “Open Camera”. Thanks…

This one -

Thanks for the quite reply. I’ll give it a try and compare…