Gboard keyboard swipe multiple false touchpoints

Hi, a few times over the past week, I have struggled to use the swipe function on on the Gboard (standard Google) keyboard. Have a look at this video and you’ll see what I mean.

Notice how sometimes it works fine, but sometimes the screen appears to detect, wrongly, that I am pressing in multiple places. The very first example in the video and the very last one show the same things: multiple vertical lines being projected down the screen.

The video shows the power cable plugged in, but I have also experienced the same issue with the power cable out.

Any ideas? Thanks.


Hi @ronniecoote, yeah those 2 parallel lines are unexpected. Could you check few things:

  1. Install a different keyboard from play store (like swype or Microsoft Swiftkey) and see if the same issue happens there.
  2. Goto Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > Gboard. Clear Storage and Cache.
  3. Do you have a screen protector installed where potentially some moisture/water has gotten below it?
  4. Try safe mode.
  5. If nothing is working, then a backup and reset will be the way to go.