Google ASSistant

Google ASSistant has hijacked my phone. None of the fixes on the web work as I can’t scroll.

Can you please elaborate your problem with Google Assistance?

She talks to much and I can’t navigate around.
Unable to scroll up and down, can’t slide from window to window, plus it’s necessary to bring a green box to what I want to do…

When I try to get to my apps I am not able to get to Google assistant because I can’t scroll.
My phone was in my pocket and started talking thinking I asked something.
Was funny, no longer.
Is there a factory reset I can do?
It means reinstall of 100 or so apps, but right now I’d rather do that.

Hi there - is it possible that your Accessibility Talkback got enabled? Does your issue look familiar to this issue - Phone reads everything to me - how to disable [Accessibility/Talkback]

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