Google Fi error code ID:T080

I was told by one of the techs, who admitted that she has not been trained on the device, that the error I have received ID:T080 indicates a non-compatible device. Obviously, if people here are using Fi, that’s bunk. But how best to proceed? Will I need a new SIM card? A restart did not work to resolve the issue.

Update : Read here

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Here is alternate steps tried by someone on that google forum if the steps in the above link do not work: (this post was right above the previous post)

Is Google Fi working for anyone? Any tips on how to get it activated?

Yes, Google Fi works. I received an error when first attempting to activate (don’t remember if it’s the exact error code). However, I just powered off my device, then removed and re-inserted the SIM card. Powering back on, I was successfully able to activate.