Google map is not working

Hi, the Google map is not working for me. It is not able to locate my exact position and the location does not change with my moving car. The app is also unable to reroute if I take a different path. Can you please suggest what can I do to resolve this. Since this is the only phone I am using it is very difficult for me to travel without the Google maps. Is there some other maps that may be more compatible? Is this a software issue or hardware issue?

Could you try rebooting the phone to see if that makes a difference. Also check if location is turned on - there should be a location icon in the status bar (and in the quick settings dropdown). Some other users have reported GPS being off but it was still working.

Location icon is on. I will try rebooting the phone. The issue is that the GPS does not move with my car moving and say I am on highway, but GPS will show that my car is on some nearby location rather than highway and does not move with my car.

After the update my Google Maps stopped functioning. The automatic response I receive for any map search is Can’t find a way there. I have rebooted multiple times and my location is on.

Seems like some Google maps app update/cache issue. There are quite a number of online references. Here is what you can try:

  1. Goto Settings > “Apps and Notifications” > Maps
  2. Hit “Disable”. (It’ll notify that it will go to factory version).
  3. Wait few minutes.
  4. Enable it again.
  5. Now try the maps.
  6. (optional) Update to latest version by going to Play store > My apps

Here are some online references:

It seems to be working now. I will try it again when driving to be sure it works in all circumstances. Thank you!!

Awesome - glad those instructions worked.