Help please! need to unlock to use for another mobile service!

Hey guys!! So I bought my daughter a Teracube 2e and we installed our T-Mobile SIM card. It started working for a few day’s but then after it stopped working and said we need to use Teracubes default service. I contacted Teracube and they directed me to this forum. Can someone please help me unlock it so we can use our mobile service without interruptions. When it starts saying we can’t use it and we need to buy a Teracube plan, I master reset it and it starts working again for a few days but then locks up again. Please help me stop this from happening! Thanks a lot guy’s!!!

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Sorry for the trouble.

Can you help us out with the exact model (Emerald [21xxx serial], Zirconia [20xxx], or Thrive) and the firmware version?

The Emerald and Zirconia units are already unlocked and ready to go on any carrier.

The Thrive children’s phone is meant to be used with a Teracube Wireless plan, and can be purchased bundled with Teracube Wireless for a discount, or for Bring Your Own Service at a higher cost.

See this post for next steps: