How do I connect Teracube to a Windows PC/desktop?


How do I connect Teracube to the PC?


Depends on the goal.

For file transfer:

  1. Connect the phone to the PC using the USB-C cable.
  2. In the phone notification area, click on the Android system notification that says, “Charging this device via USB”.
  3. Tap “File transfer” option once the USB preferences window opens up.
  4. Now you can browse the phone from “My computer”.

This process is also covered in this Google article - Transfer files between your computer & Android device - Android Help (look for Option 2)

Advanced users
For ADB debugging (high level steps)

  1. Enable developer options.
  2. Enable USB debugging under Developer options.
  3. Connect and run adb from windows command line.


That does not work

The mobile phone does not show (File transfer) anything to choose from!
Isn’t there a software (driver) for windows to install?


Do you see a notification that says something like “Charging this device via USB”?

No, nothing!

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Please use Screen recorder app to record your screen when you have connected the phone to the PC. Do bring down your notification shade to show all notifications.

Once recorded, please PM the video to me directly.

I’ve also been having this issue. Has it been resolved?

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I’ve also been having the same issue. The notification screen with the File Transfer option used to appear but suddenly doesn’t anymore. I’ve tried restarting my phone and computer several times. If there any other way to do this?

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Sorry for the trouble. It sounds like perhaps this notification got hidden/silenced.

If you open Settings and search for USB Preferences you can bring up the screen you’re accustomed to manually.

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Great; that works. Thank you!


If you poke through your settings for Notifications, you might find that it has been Disabled/Silenced, and you can undo it from there to bring it back to the Notification shade.

Glad you have a workable solution until then, though!