How to fix air gap / peeling on 2e glass screen protectors?

Hello @Sharad , I had 2 Huawei Y6 tempered glass screen protector. I tried to install 1 by myself and had that air gap on the right side similar to @logancat24. I thought I installed it wrongly and went to a shop that sells screen protector, the guy helped me to install the second one and it has the same issue. Based on his observation and experience, this air gap is not caused by the screen protector but by the screen of phone. He observed similar case in iphone 8, some of them have this issue. If the air gap is caused by the size of screen protector, it should not be consistently appearing on the right side across different cases. You may want to check on your stock to verify this. Just a feedback, so far I enjoy my Teracube 2e and I do wish Teracube can improve further. Cheers

I too had edge bubbling (non-Teracube screen protector). I found these eliminate the problem. I’m not sure if its because of the black film on the edge or not but it looks great! Of course I would rather order direct from Teracube but I don’t have that option as they are out of stock.

:point_right: Link to Screen Protector on Amazon :point_left: Picture of this screen protector installed on my 2e :point_down:


@egx470 , sorry I don’t get on how you fix the air gap. What black film? Can you share a little bit more? I also don’t have the option to purchase the official tempered glass from Teracube as I am living in Singapore.

Hi @Kenny_Himawan. The screen protectors I linked to and provided a picture of above are what I am referencing. If you zoom in on the edges you will see a black tint around the edges of the screen protector. Also see Amazon link for actual product pictures.

Edit: I edited my original post to hopefully make it more clear.

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Ah I see, so instead of showing the air gap, this screen protector covers it with black color. Yeah, it sure looks nicer. Thanks for sharing :grin:

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In all honesty I don’t even know if an air gap exists anywhere. It looks very clean except for the rectangle at the bottom where the “Huawei” accent is suppose to show through.

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i have tried 3 packs now ALL of the official 2e screen protectors have the gap down the right side. they just are not right sadly.