How to get Data working on Public Mobile (Canada)?


Using Public Mobile with a Teracube 2 and am having the same issue that Faith described. Can’t access mobile data.

Hopefully I’ve posted this in the right place!


Some Canadian carriers like Public Mobile and Fido do not allow the user to modify APN settings. The only workaround is highlighted in the thread below:

Have you tried this from public mobile?

Public Mobile and Fido disable APN editing at Android level. Not sure who this article is for - you can find numerous references online to this APN lock.

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Not sure but it is posted by public mobile.

I had a friend unlock a phone for fido and had to find the setting apn to enable data on his phone in Android.

Okay see it is something new as of Android 7.x+

Here is one solution to unlock apn ediiting.

Without needing to obtain another carrier sim.

Bell Mobility also has this apn :closed_lock_with_key: but passes proper apn autodetect.