How to remove google family link approvals? [Answered]

If you set up the Thrive phone with the child’s Google account, then Google will enable their own family link controls in addition to Teracube Thrive controls. You have two choices to fix this situation (so that you only approve apps once and not twice):

  1. You can disable Google family link approvals (recommended)
  2. We can disable the Thrive controls from the backend.

Instructions to disable Google Family link app approvals (Recommended):

  1. Open in a computer browser

  2. You will see your family. If you do not see it, click “Create a family group” on the top-right. This should take you to your google family group.

  3. Click on your child’s profile.

  4. Click “Go to Family link”

  5. Click “Content restrictions”

  6. Click “Google Play”

  7. Click “Require approval for”

  8. Select “Paid content only” and then hit the back button.

Now app installation on your child’s phone should not ask for your google password.


If you would rather keep the Google Family link system and want to disable Thrive controls, then follow this article:

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