How to turn off auto answer calls

When I am on a call, the phone automatically answers another incoming call and switches to the new call. I looked and searched and I can’t find how to turn this off. Thanks for the help!

Interesting and bizarre. Google assistant to the next level maybe :slight_smile:. Jokes apart - seems like a potential bug in Google phone app.

  1. Are you sure its not the case of accidental screen touch?
  2. Does this still happen on speakerphone mode?
  3. Could you try the step in the thread below:

Definitely not an accidental screen touch. I’m not sure about it happening on speakerphone too. I think it does, though.
It won’t let me uninstall Google Phone all the way. :frowning:
I’ll keep it not updated and see if it continues.
Thank you for your help!

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For me, this feature leads to this:
when I have an incoming call, I just have to take the phone in my hand and lift it to my ear and the phone answers the call. I HATE THIS :slight_smile:

I guess what you experience is caused by the same “feature”.
Did you figure out how to turn it off?

No, I didn’t. However, it stopped answering the calls automatically on its own. I think it must have been after an OS update, but I’m not sure.

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