I cannot connect to T-mobile's cellular network

I transferred my SIM card from a broken but still activated cellphone into my new Teracube. I then went through the initial setup for the phone. When I look under Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network, I see the T-Mobile network listed. When I click on T-Mobile under "Mobile Network, " the “Use SIM” toggle is active and it says that my “Preferred network type” is 4G. Everything appears normal. However, when I attempt to make a call, I get the following error message on my screen: “Mobile network is not available.”

I looked at the Teracube forum, a T-mobile was listed as a compatible service provider. When I entered my phone’s IME 1 number in T-mobile’s “check compatibility tool,” it listed the phone as supported. I’ve seen notices saying that T-mobile is planning to discontinue support for 4G LTE next month, but my understanding is that my phone should be able to connect to the network.

Please assist. How can I connect my phone to the T-mobile cellular network?

Hi @Larry_Lee - welcome to Teracube forums. Few things to note:

  1. TMobile is discontinuing 3G but not 4G. 4G LTE will stick around for another 7-8 years or more - so we are all good there.
  2. Have you restarted the phone?
  3. If restart does not fix it, then please try the 2nd SIM card slot in the back of the phone.
  4. Are you able to check the same SIM card in a different phone (friend/family) ?
  1. Thanks, that’s good to know
  2. Yes. twice
  3. I tried both SIM card slots
  4. I am unable to check the SIM card in a different phone at the moment.

While looking at T-Mobile’s documentation, I found instructions indicating that I need to have the SIM card activated before it can be used in a new phone. Have you heard anything about this? I was under the impression that the phone would connect to the cellular network as soon as the new card was inserted.

Thanks for the quick reply,

Usually existing TMobile SIM cards continue to work across phones. Not sure about new ones. Is your SIM card new or are you bringing it from the old phone? It might be a good idea to call/visit TMo and get it checked.

I just returned from a T-Mobile store. It appears that T-Mobile is in the process of migrating Sprint customer accounts to their network. Apparently, I need to have a TNX transfer performed before my SIM card will work again. Unfortunately, the store that I visited was having computer difficulties and could not perform this operation. Also, according to the clerk, this cannot be done over the phone. I’ll try to visit a T-Mobile store tomorrow and post an update then.

Thanks again for the help

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I had a similar “sim not found” problem on and off for a month until a very helpful T-Mobile sales person put my sim on the table next to a new one and showed me that mine had somehow become scratched in two bands left to right at both ends of the card. With a new sim my Emerald works perfectly.

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