I think Teracube support is down

since the teracube release only so few updates that is not a good service no wonder that tercaube nobody buys! only a few custom roms that are very complicated to install. various TWRP images no one knows their way around anymore! A mobile phone lives from support! This is very bad at teracube!
Teracube has no developers because the phone is so bad. you are only put off with software.
other phones will soon get android 13!!! at the teracube you can be happy that android 11 works! i think teracube device is dead.

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Hi @Matrix, I will like to give an update on our current software efforts.

  • We have just released 11.0.3 update for SN:2020 Teracube 2e units. This brings them on par with the SN:2021 units in terms of performance and stability.
  • Work for Android 12 on Teracube 2e has begun. The build is booting and almost all hardware is working. The team is solving a few final challenges before user trials begin.

Just a lil sneak peek :wink::